Offshore Support Vessels

Since long the Dutch have been all around in the maritime world. This is what we enjoy doingAlready before Riverlake Solutions was founded, the key employees were travelling the world with all kinds of ships. We were dredging, providing offshore support or port assistance and we did that in many murky waters like Nigeria, Indonesia. At Riverlake Solutions we continued, just because we like it! Since 2008 we have seen many seas and shorelines. Some of which were utterly cold and harsh, like Baydaratskaya Bay in Siberia where you have to make sure to get out for the ice in November. Others are warmer and who would reject Curacao as office location!

As Riverlake Solutions, we are proud to belong to the Riverlake Group of companies. The Riverlake Group is a multi-faceted maritime logistic services provider that is a one stop shop for all our clients’ shipping requirements. The group staff and affiliates have the commitment to assist our clients in achieving their objectives within a special relationship based on confidence and long-term collaboration. The Riverlake Group has been providing quality logistic services for 30 years and our aim is to offer our clients excellent services and tools that offer the competitive advantages that are needed to thrive in today’s market.

The Riverlake Group is, as may be expected, ISO 9001:2000 certified by Bureau Veritas Zurich. Since 1985 we have succeeded in establishing a sound global network of agents and correspondents. Our intention is to provide our clients with all the tools that will enable them to be more competitive. For this purpose, we are equipped with the most up-to-the-minute and sophisticated technology.

We set considerable emphasis on values such as integrity, responsibility and reliability. The Riverlake Group is an equal opportunity employer, our staff is our largest asset. Maintaining a happy and productive environment is of key importance to us.

In the Offshore Support Vessels market we use our knowledge to assist clients to find the best suitable vessel for their specific requirements, we do market research and support. We even participate as partner in shipping companies or contracts but emphasise on being independent towards our various clients. We are not just brokers, we go into length to serve our clients the best way we can without ‘going easy’. This means we also help our clients to negotiate price and contract details and follow up during the use of the vessel.

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Riverlake Terminals, Riverlake SPM and Riverlake Offshore Support Vessels are branches of Riverlake Solutions, which is an independent subsidiary of the Riverlake Group.